Brownie Batter Dip

Care for some sweet and delicious, fattening brownie batter dip?

Mmm doesn’t that look…like poo good?

I promise it is good.  And it isn’t poo…though it is an April Fool’s type of dip.  It’s healthy!

It’s also safe to feed your gluten intolerant and vegan friends*

Primary ingredient: black beans (which would be an April Fools Day joke if you fed this to your friends and didn’t warn them about the fiber…)

Brief rant: I see it all the time where people market something as “healthy” because they made one tiny swap (‘I used whole wheat flour, now it’s healthy!!’) or used a superfood (avacados = healthy!!)

This is healthy because it is reasonably low in calories and sugar while having some actual nutritional value (protein and fiber, which keep you full for longer).  And chocolate is good for the soul…because I say so.

Now let’s talk about how you make this: throw everything in the food processor, hit the button to make it go, and process until smooth.  Then serve with graham crackers, chocolate wafers, oreo cookies, etc.

My one troubleshooting comment is that I used dried beans (~1/2 cup dry, soaked overnight, boiled for about half an hour, rinsed, and drained).  Those were the only beans I had…use canned and your life will be easier.  The canned beans should also blend better without much added moisture…I used about two tablespoons of water to my mix so that everything blended better.

I won’t lie…the fact that I know that this dip is mostly black beans kind of creeps me out.  There is a slight mealiness to the texture, but if you can get over those two points, this dip really does taste like brownie batter…thick and rich, sweet, and most importantly, chocolateeee.

It’s not one of those things that you must run off to make, but it’s clever, and interesting, and worth it to try.

Happy 1st of April to you! =]


Brownie Batter Dip
Inspired by ChocolateCoveredKatie
Serves 2-3
1 cup canned black beans, rinsed and drained
2 T brown sugar (add more to taste)
3 T cocoa powder
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 T nut butter (or butter) (optional)
Pinch of salt (plus more for garnish)
2 T chocolate chips
Water (may need a few tablespoons to blend)

  • Microwave beans in a microwave safe dish until just warmed through (this will help melt the sugar)
  • Combine beans, brown sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, nut butter, and salt in a food processor and blend until smooth.  Add water as needed if your food processor is having trouble. Then add chocolate chips and pulse a few more times.
  • Serve dip room temperature or cold with graham crackers, cookies, chocolate wafers, etc.  Store leftovers in the fridge for a few days.


*About feeding this to your gluten intolerant friends…I believe the majority of brown sugar and vanilla extract produced in theUSis gluten free, but check the labels and the interwebs.  And use vegan chocolate if you feed this to your vegan friends (friends don’t let friends eat carob…plenty of normal dark chocolate is free of milk products)

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